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Contoh Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris durasi 5-6 menit, ditulis oleh P Damin

Honorable the juries/the audience
Honorable the teachers from ..............
And my beloved friends,

Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me.  Let me introduce myself. My name is ..................
I’m from ...................
 At this occasion, I am going to make speech entitle “Cheap Education Must Be Implemented in Indonesia School”  

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Indonesia is a very rich country. There are 13.667 islands which are spread from Sabang to Merauke.There are mines, fertile farms , large ocean, a lot of rivers, lakes, hills, forests. This kind of  things we called natural resources. The farmers  cultivate the fertile land and they  produce rice, corns, cassava and others. The fishermen can take fish from lakes, rivers and oceans. Forests  provide timber, ressin ,rattan etc. Forests can protect the soil to be fertile.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            The population of Indonesia is about 150.000.000. This people become human resources. It means that Indonesia has a lot of human resources.We need  clever people to cultivate the natural resources well. We also need smart and dicipline people to build this country. We want to arrange our nation by ourselves, don’t we? We don’t want to be arranged by foreign countries.Indonesia needs clever, strong and responsible humans to cultivate the natural resources and to arrange this country.As we know that at school and universities, the students are educated and trained to become clever, capable, dicipline, and responsible persons. 
Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,           
            Because of this reason, the Indonesia government should attempt to apply cheap education for schools. In other words we can say that it is a must for applying cheap education in Indonesia country.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            Recently, the government has applied cheap tuition for Elementary School and Junior High School students. But in fact, the students must spend a lot of money for some reasons. The families need a lot of money for sending their children to kinder gartens, Senior High School, and Universities.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            We have known that not all Indonesian families are rich. There are many families who live in sorrow and bitterness. For the poor, its very difficult for giving food, clothes, and proper house to their children. How could the poor send their children to Junior High School, Senior High Schhol and Universities? I think it is impossible for them bacause they will spend a lot of money for paying very expensive cost.

            Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
In my opinion it is better for the goverment gives the same oportunity to the poor for sending their children to school and universities. It means that the Indonesia government must apply the cheap education in tnis country.The grand and scholarship should be given to all of the poor students. By doing so, in the future, Indonesia will have clever and responsible humans for building this nation.
            I think that,s all. Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sorry for my mistakes and see you later.
Assalamualaikum wrwb.

cheap                                                               : murah
education                                                         : pendidikan
must be implemented                                       : harus diterapkan
spread from                                                    : menyebar dari
mines                                                              : tambang
fertile farms                                                    : tanah subur
rivers = stream                                               : sungai
forests = jungle = wood                                  : hutan
natural resources                                            : sumber alam
cultivate = till                                                 : mengolah
fishermen                                                        : nelayan
fish                                                                  : ikan
 provide                                                           : menyediakan
timber = wood                                                            : kayu
ressin                                                              : damar
soil = land = ground                                       : tanah
about = approximatly                                     : kira-kira
people = person = human = mankind             : orang, manusia
become                                                           : menjadi
means                                                              : berarti
need  = require                                                : membutuhkan
smart = clever = bold                                      : pandai
build                                                                : membangun
arrange                                                            : mengatur
don’t want to be arranged                              : tidak ingin diatur
strong                                                              : kuat
responsible                                                     : tanggung jawab
as we know                                                     : sebagaimana kita ketahui
are educated and trained                                : dididik dan dilatih
because of this reason                                                : karena alasan ini
attempt                                                            : berusaha
apply                                                               : menerapkan
in other words                                                 : dengan kata lain
has applied                                                      : telah menerapkan
cheap tuition                                                   : biaya murah
elementary school                                          : sekolah dasar
junior high school                                          : SMP
in fact = in reallity                                         : pada kenyataannya
spend                                                               : menghabiskan
have known that                                             : telah mengetahui bahwa
sorrow                                                             : penderitaan
bitterness                                                        : kepahitan
poor                                                                 : miskin
difficult = hard                                               : sulit
proper house                                                   : rumah layak
children = kids = infants                                : anak-anak.
think                                                                : berfikir, berpendapat
impossible                                                      : tidak mungkin
in my opinion = in my mind                          : pendapat saya
oportunity = chance = occasion                     : kesempatan
grand= scholarship                                         : beasiswa
should be given to                                          : seharusnya diberikan kepada
by doing so                                                     : dengan melakukan yang demikian
responsible humans                                        : manusia yang bertanggung jawab

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