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Inilah Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk Mid Semester yang telah dibuat oleh salah satu guru Bahasa Inggris SMP N 1 Kayen, Lucky Aprilia,S.Pd. Soal ini boleh dicopy dan untuk belajar atau sebagai perbandingan dalam pembuatan Soal Mid Semester. Semoga bermanfaat.

I.                Choose the best answer by marking a, b, c or d.
Read the text below to answer questions no.1-5
My Family
My name is Randi. I am student of SMPN 1 PATI. I live on Jalan Panglima Sudirman no.23 Pati. My father is a doctor. My mother is a teacher.
 My parents have 3 children. Ely, the eldest, works as a programmer in a private company. Wulan is my second sister. We are Students. She goes to SMA 3 PATI.
I really love my family.
1.     Who is Randi?
a.      He is an SMA student’s                           c. He is a doctor
b.     He is a teacher                                          d. He is an SMP student
2.     How many people are there in Mr .Rahman’s family?
a.      Five                                                           c.Three
b.     Four                                                          d. Two
3.     What is Randy’s mother?
a.      She is a programmer                                c. She is a student
b.     She is a teacher                                         d. She is a doctor
4.     How many children does Mr. Rahman have?
a.      Two                                                           c. Four
b.     Three                                                         d. Five
5.     The main idea of the second paragraph is about…..
a.      The children in the family                                   c. The parents’ job
b.     The jobs in the family                              d. The education
6.     Amir               : Hi, Jane how are you?
Jane                 : ………………….. And you?
Amir               : I am fine too, thanks
a.       How do you do?                                       c. Good morning
b.     Very good, thanks                                    d. Yes, I am
7.     Rahmad           : Wawan, this is Dharma. Dharma this is Wawan
Dharma           : How do you do, Wawan ?
Wawan            : ……………………………….
a.      How are you, Dharma?                             c. What do you do, Dharma?
b.     How do you do, Dharma?                         d. Nice to meet you, too
8.     Bejo                : What’s your ……?
Untung            : My name is Untung
a.      Job                                                            c. Phone number
b.     Address                                                     d. Name
9.     Michael           : Where are you from?
Jordan             : …………………..
a.      My name’s Mike                                      c. I am well, thanks a lot
b.     I am from Sulawesi                                  d. I am from my grand mother
10.  Keisya             : Hi, Kiera. Are you coming to the football game?
Keira               : Hi, Kiesya. Yes, I am coming to the game
Keisya             : O.K. See you there. Bye
Keira               : ………………………
a.      Good day                                                  c. Good afternoon
b.     Good morning                                          d. Good bye
Read the text below to answer questions no.11-15
To : Annisa Cibi
            Your Dad and I are visiting your grandma. Have your lunch and don’t wait for us. Water the flowers at 5.p. m and don’t forget to always lock the gate. We will be back in the evening. Just at home sweetie

                                                                        Anisa’s mother
11.  Who is the sender of the message?
a.      Grandma                                                   c. Dad 
b.     Nancy                                                        d. Mummy
12.  Nancy must do the following things, except…..
a.      Waiting for her parents for lunch                        c. Locking the gate
b.     Watering the flowers                                d. Having lunch
13.  “……….. to always lock 
The underlined word means……
a.      To fasten something with a lock              c. To make the gate open
b.     To give a lock to some one                      d. To let someone in
14.  Where are Anisa’s parents?
a.      At home                                                    c. At grandma’s house
b.     At school                                                  d. At the neighbor
15.  Who is the message for………….
a.      Nancy                                                        c. Dad
b.     Grandma                                                   d. Mummy
16.  Sani                 : Son, can I borrow your pencil, please?
Sonice             : Sure. Here it is…..
Sani                 : Thank you
Sonice             :…………….
a.      I am sorry                                                 c. Thank you very much
b.     Don’t mention it                                       d. That’s okay
17.  Ivan                 : I don’t have any pencils. ………, please?
Rehan              : Sure. Here you are
a.      Get me the pencil                                     c. May I borrow yours
b.     What is this                                              d. Is this your pencil
18.  Jokowi            : …………explain it once more, Sir please? I am still confused?
Foke                : Sure
a.      Would you                                          c. Shall be you
b.     May                                                     d. Must I
19.  Raffii              : May I borrow your dictionary, Olga?
Olga                : ……………………………….
a.      All right                                              c. Thank You
b.     Sorry, I can’t do it                              d. Yes, I am
20.  Mr.Yusuf        : Can you get me the red board marker, please?
Mr.Kalla         : ………………………, Sir. Here it is
a.      All right                                              c. Tomorrow
b.     Sorry, I can do it                                 d. Yes, you are
Read the following text below to answer questions no.21-23
Dear Yuki Kato,
            I am afraid I will not be able to join our study club this afternoon. I have to see my dentist. I have got a problem with one of my teeth. Please send my best regard to Laila and Dinar

                                                                        Your faithfully,
                                                                        Raden Kian Santang

21.  Why does the writer send the message?
a.      To send regards to Laila and Dinar   
b.      To tell Yuki Kato that he can not come to the study
c.       To ask the reader to join the study club       
d.      To tell Yuki Kato that he has got problem with his dentist
22.  From the message we know that the writer……
a.      Has a problem                                    c. Does not know Laila
b.     Will join the study club                     d. Is a dentist
23.  “……. See my dentist…..”
The underlined word means…..
a.      A person whose the job is to take care of people‘s teeth
b.     A person whose teeth are in a good condition
c.      A person who wants to visit a patient
d.     A person who likes to help people
24.  Gading                        : Do know Rossa?
Martin          : Yes, I know. She is a popular singer in Indonesia. She has…    hair
a.      Sharp                                                   c. Tall
b.     Young                                                             d. Straight
25.  Buavita    : Campina always get 1st rank since she we were in 7th grade. She         must study very hard every night.
Walls              :  Yes, you are right. She is….
a.      Diligent student                                  c. Happy student
b.     Angry student                                     d. Strong student
26.  Sunsilk            : Mrs. Emeron is still strong although she is 70 years old
Pantene           : Yeah, you are right. She is …. But she is very healthy
a.      Young woman                                    c. Old woman
b.     Young women                                    d. Old women
27.  Marsyanda is very …… actress ( cantik )
a.      Beautiful                                             c. Clever
b.     Smart                                                  d. Diligent
28.  Agnes Monica has… hair ( bergelombang )
a.      Straight                                               c. Short
b.     Curly                                                   d. Wavy
Read the following text below to answer questions no. 29- 31

There will be a holiday camp next month. All scout members must join in this camp. The activity will take place at Bangunharjo camping sites and last for three days. For further information, please contact Mr.John Terry. Banyumas, twenty firsth October 2012.
                                                                                                The Chief of Scout Organization
                                                                                                 Mr. Park Ji Sung
29.  When will the activity be held?
a.      In October                                           c. In July
b.     In June                                                d. In August
30.  If the camp starts in 21st     October, when will it be end?
a.      24th October                                        c. 24th August
b.     18th October                                        d. 18th August
31.  Who must join the activity?
a.      All students                                        c. All chiefs
b.     All Banyumas students                      d. All scouts members
32.  Aurell              : Az, do you know where our father is?
Azriel              : ………………………………………
Aurell              : I ask you “Do you know where our father is “
a.      With pleasure                                     c. Excuse me
b.     I do beg your pardon                          d. Wow, that’s good idea
33.  Ananda            : Can I bring your bag?
Anandi                        : Okay…..
Anada              : You are welcome
a.      Thanks a lot for yesterday                  c. Thank you very much
b.     Thanks for your money                      d. Many thanks for your book
34.  I …… teacher of SMPN 1 KAYEN for VII GRADE
a.      Is                                                         c. Are
b.     Am                                                      d. Were
35.  Cherry bell, 7 icons, Blink and Princess ….. girl bands in Indonesia now
a.      Is                                                         c. are
b.     Am                                                      d. Were
36.  Indah Dewi Pertiwi…..popular singer
a.      Is                                                         c. Am
b.     Are                                                      d. Were 
Read the following text below to answer questions n0.37-40
This is a new school year and there are many new students around. Please be friendly and help them understand the rules of our school. Be good seniors
                                                                   The Head Master
                                                                  Mr. Sir Alex Fergusson

37.  Where can you find this text?
a.      At a school                                          c. At a bank
b.     At a bookstore                                                d. At a park
38.  Why does the head master make the announcement
a.      To ask the students to be nice
b.     To let the students know that they have new juniors and help them
c.      To ask the students to contact their parents
d.     To inform about the new school year
39.  Who do you think reads the announcement?
a.      New students                                      c. Parents
b.     Seniors students                                 d. Teacher
40.  ….”Please be friendly”……
What is the meaning of the underlined word?
a.      Disturbing
b.     Interesting

II.              Answer the questions based on the situations given
For no. 1 make dialog based on situation given min.10 sentences
1.     George Lorenzo introduces his new friends Dani Pedrosa to valentine Rossi
2.       Arrange these jumble words into good order
a.      Students-per-twice-play-ball-volley-day-the
b.     Mother-cooks-chocolate-sometimes-my-cake
c.      Nizam-popular-Indonesia-is-an-artist-now-in
d.     Olga-are-Raffii-friends-and-best
e.      Wayne Rooney-football-is-player-Manchester United-in
3.     Write these words into (+), (-),(?), yes,..and no,..
Bondan and Fade 2 Black, Gigi, Wali and Kotak …. Competent bands
4.     For n0.4 make message based on situation given
Dedy Corbuzier wants Limbad his friend, to pick his up at International Airport at 4 p.m. Dedy will visit his parents in Semarang. He will leave Melbourne at 10.00 a.m and arrive in Jakarta at 04.00 p.m. He wants come on time
5.     Make Dialog Based on Situation Given
Wayne Rooney feels very sleepy in the class. He needs permission from his teacher, Mr. Frank Lampard to wash his face.

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