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Written by Damin. The example of English Speech Text. Duration 4-5 minutes.
Honorable the juries/the audience...

Honorable the teachers from .............................
And my beloved friends,
Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me, let me introduce myself. My name is .................. I’m from ...................
At this chance, I would like to make speech entitle “Dicipline is our Habit

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
What is the meaning of discipline? “Discipline” means that we always do our activities or our jobs according to the time that we have planed. Or we can say, we do our activities according to the time schedule.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
My question is : has discipline become  our habit. As students, sometimes, we  make some mistakes by breaking school regulation. It is the rule that the students must wear the school uniform when they are at school. Most of the students have worn white shirt, blue short/ skirt, black shoes, and a tie. But, there are a few students wear white shoes. The students who break the rule, at last, they get punishment from the teachers.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
If we want to be successful students, we should arrange our time well and we should obey them by ourselves. It is better for us to divide our time for studying, going to school, playing, helping our parents, for sleeping and taking a rest.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
In learning the discipline, we can see Japan. In the World War II, this country was damage. But now Japan has become one of the Modern and Rich country. The Japan people always appreciate the time well for studying, working, and taking a rest. Most of them are discipline.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
We want to be a welfare family. We want to be a welfare country. Let the discipline becomes our habit.
I think that,s all. Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sorry for my mistakes and see you later.
Assalamualaikum wrwb.

meaning                                                          : arti
means                                                              : beararti
do = carry out                                                 : mengerjakan
jobs = work                                                     : pekerjaan
according to                                                    : menurut
have planed                                                     : telah merencanakan
say = tell                                                         : mengatakan
time schedule.                                                : jadwal
sometimes                                                      : kadang -kadang
make                                                               : membuat
mistakes                                                          : kesalahan
breaking                                                          : melangar
school regulation                                            : tata tertib sekolah
rule                                                                  : peraturan
wear = put on                                                  : mengenakan
uniform                                                           : seragam
have worn                                                       : telah mengenakan
white shirt                                                       : baju putih
blue short                                                        : celana pendek
skirt                                                                 : rok bawah
a few                                                               : sedikit
break the rule                                                  : melanggar aturan
punishment                                                     : hukuman
should                                                                         : seharusnya
arrange                                                            : mengatur
obey                                                                : mematuhi
ourselves                                                         : diri kita sendiri
better                                                               : lebih baik
divide                                                              : membagi
our parents                                                      : orang tua kita
sleeping                                                          : tidur
taking a rest = have a break                           : beristirahat
in learning                                                      : dalam belajar
world war II                                                    : perang dunia II
damage = distruction = broken = misty         : berantakan
has become                                                     : telah menjadi
appreciate                                                       : menghargai
welfare family                                                            : keluarga sejahtera

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