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Honorable the juries/the audience
Honorable the teachers of junior high school from ..............
And my beloved friends,
Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me. Let me introduce myself. My name is .................. I’m from ...................
 I am going to make speech entitle “Improving The Quality of Life”

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Indonesia is a very rich country. There are 13.667 islands which are spread from Sabang to Merauke.There are mines, fertile farms , large oceans, a lot of rivers, lakes, hills, forests. The farmers  cultivate the fertile land and they  produce rice, corns, cassava and others. The fishermen can take fish from lakes, rivers and oceans. Forests  provide timber, ressin ,rattan etc.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            The population of Indonesia is about 150.000.000. The Indonesian people live in the villages and in the cities.There are many families  who live in happiness and welfare.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
.           As a matter of fact, not all Indonesian families  live in happiness, but there are many families who live in sorrow and bitternees. They live with lack of food, lack of drink, lack of proper houses,  lack of education, lack of justice. There are a lot of families  who have difficulties in fulfilling their daily lives.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            The Indonesian people should  study and work hard to improve  the quality of lives. The fishermen should look for fish very hard. The farmers should work hard to cultivate their rice field.  The doctors should examine the patients well.The traders should run the shops well. The pilots should fly the aeroplanes carefully. The Indonesian government should help the poor people. The government should also carry out the law in fair.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            We don’t want to be arranged by other countries, do we? We don’t want to be governed by the foreigners.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
 We don’t want to live in poorness. We don’t want to live in bitterness. We don’t want to live in sorrow.  We want to live with enough food. We want to live with enough clothes. We want to live with proper houses and enough education.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
            I have some suggestion to achieve these dreams; we have to build our nation by ourselves. Never give up and never put off until tomorrow what we can do today …..must be planted in  our deepest hearts. At last……as young generation: Let’s always study and work hard for improving the quality of life.
            I think that,s all. Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sorry for my mistakes and see you later.
Assalamualaikum wrwb.
improving  = increasing                                 : meningkatkan
life                                                                  : kehidupan
islands                                                             : pulau
are spread from                                              : menyebar dari
oceans                                                             : samudera
a lot of                                                            : banyak
produce                                                           : menghasilkan
villages = rural area = countryside                : desa
city = town = urban area                                : kota  
happiness                                                        : kebahagiaan
welfare.                                                           : kesejahteraan
lack of                                                                         : kekurangan
education                                                        : pendidikan
justice                                                             ; keadilan
fulfilling                                                         : memenuhi
should                                                             : seharusnya
study and work hard                                       : belajar dan bekerja keras
look for = seek = search                                 : mencari
rice field                                                         : sawah
examine = check                                             : memeriksa                            :
fly                                                                   : menerbangkan
carefully                                                         : dengan hati-hati
government                                                     : pemerintah
carry out = do                                                 : mengerjakan
the law                                                            : hukum
in fair                                                              : dengan adil
don’t want to be arranged by                         : tidak ingin diatur
other country/other state/other nation                       : negara lain
don’t want to be governed by                                     : tidak ingin diperintah
the foreigners                                                 : orang asing
don’t want to be pressed by                           : tidak ingin ditekan
the developed countries                                 : negara maju
poorness                                                          : kemiskinan
bitterness                                                        : kepahitan
sorrow                                                             : penderitaan
enough food/meal                                           : cukup makanan
suggestion = advice                                        : saran
achieve                                                            : mencapai
dreams                                                                        : impian
have to = must                                                            : harus
build = set up  = establish                              : membangun
ourselves                                                         : diri kita sendiri
never give up = never surrender                    : tidak pernah menyerah
put off = postpone = delay                             : menunda
must be planted = must be grown                  : harus ditanam
deepest heart                                                   : hati yang terdalam
at last……= finally                                        : akhirnya
as young generation                                       : sebagai generasi muda
let’s always study hard                                   : mari kita selalu belajar keras
improving = increasing                                  : meningkatkan
the quality of life                                            : taraf hidup

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