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Contoh Naskah Pidato dalam Bahasa Inggris durasi 5-6 menit. Ditulis oleh P Damin, salah satu guru Bahasa Inggris SMPN 1 Kayen.

Honorable the juries
Honorable the teachers of junior high school from .......
And my beloved friends
Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me. Let me introduce myself.
My name is ..................
I’m from ...................

Ladies and Gentlemen whom we fully respect.
At this time, I would like to make speech about “Let’s Go Green”.
We should start thinking deeply about the destruction of our nature at this time.
Recently, there are some people who are not responsible to cut down the trees in the forests. They do the illegal logging. A long time ago, Indonesian forests are like unbroken green carpet if we see the forests from sky. But now, there are some bare patches in our forests.

Ladies and Gentlemen whom we fully respect,
What will happen if there are not a lot of trees in the forests? In the wet season, there will be flood in some Indonesian places. In dry season, there will be draught.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Today, there are many fabrics and factories in Indonesia. The bad effects of fabrics and factories are wastes. The factories wastes will pollute and contaminate the air, the water, and the land. The air becomes hotter and hotter. It is very dangerous for human beings.

Ladies and Gentlemen whom we fully respect.
How to overcome these problems?
Let’s Go Green. Once again I say Let’s Go Green. The government and Indonesian people should plant a lot of trees in the forests. We do not allow irresponsible people who do illegal logging. “Death punishment “should be given to the people who do illegal logging. We can plant some trees and flowers in our gardens. By doing so, the oxygen supply will be enough for us. It will also reduce the global warming, the flood and the draught.
Okay the audience. Thanks for your attention. See you next and good bye.
Wassalamualaikum wrwb.

let’s                                                                 : mari kita
honorable                                                        : terhormat
the juries = the judges                                                : juri
regency                                                           : kabupaten
beloved                                                           : tercinta
friends = mate = companion                          : teman
introduce                                                         : memperkenalkan
my self                                                                        : diri sendiri
make speech                                                   : berpidato
start thinking deeply                                      : mulai berfikir mendalam
destruction = broken = damage = misty        : kerusakan
nature                                                              : alam
recently                                                           : baru-baru ini
responsible                                                     : tanggung jawab
cut down                                                         : menebang
trees = plants = crops                                     : tanaman,tumbuhan
forests = jungle = wood                                  : hutan
do the illegal logging                                     : melakukan penebangan liar
unbroken green carpet                                    : karpet hijau mulus
sky                                                                  : langit
happen = occur = take place = is going on : terjadi
wet season                                                      : musim penghujan
flood                                                               : banjir
places                                                              : tempat -tempat
in dry season                                                   : di musim kemarau
draught                                                            : kekeringan
bad effects                                                      : pengaruh yang jelek
factories wastes                                              : limbah pabrik
pollute = contaminate                                    : mencemari
dangerous                                                       : berbahaya
human beings = people = person = man        : manusia
overcome                                                        : mengatasi
problems = matters                                        : masalah
do not allow = do not permit                          : tidak mengijinkan
irresponsible                                                   : tidak tanggung jawab
death punishment                                           : hukuman mati
should be given                                              : seharusnya diberikan
by doing so                                                     : dengan melakukan yang demikian
supply                                                                         : menyediakan
enough                                                            : cukup
reduce = lessen                                               : mengurangi
global warming                                              : pemanasan global
audience = viewer = watcher = on looker      : pemirsa

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