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Teks Narrative adalah teks yang menceritakan tentang imajinatif atau khayalan yang bertujuan untuk menghibur pembaca,pendengar atau pemirsa. Narrative disebut juga story atau story telling.

Generic structure teks narrative :
  1. Orientation (pendahuluan cerita) : memperkenalkan tokoh-tokoh dalam cerita, latar, dan waktu.
  2. Complication : munculnya permasalahan di antara tokoh-tokoh tersebut
  3. Resolution : masalah dapat diatasi
  4. Re-orientation : opsional
Ciri-ciri teks narrative :
  • menggunakan simple past tense (was, were, did, kata kerja bentuk ke-2)
  • Biasanya dimulai dengan adverbs of time (kata keterangan waktu) seperti one….., once, once upon a time, long time ago, in a faraway land.
  • Bertema tentang fabel, mitos, atau legenda
  • Tujuan naratif adalah it is to entertain the readers.
Contoh 1
           Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cinderella.   She lived with her bad stepmother  and two stepsisters. She had to do all the household chores.     
One day, the King invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go to a ball in the palace. He wanted to find the crown prince a wife.
The stepsisters went to the ball that night with their mother. Cinderella was left alone. She cried because she actually wanted to go to the ball too.
          Just than a fairy godmother came. With her magic wand, she gave Cinderella a coach, two horses, and footman. She also gave Cinderella a lovely dress to wear to the ball and a fair of glass slippers. She told Cinderella to come home before midnight.
At the ball, Cinderella danced all night with the Prince. The Prince fell in love with her. At midnight, Cinderella ran home. Unfortunately, one of her glass slippers slipped off at the door. She did not have time to put it back on.
The Prince was sad as he could not find Cinderella again that night.
The next day, the Prince and his men brought along the glass slippers and went all over the kingdom to search for the owner.
After searching for a long time, finally, they came to Cinderella’s house. The slipper fitted her. The prince was very happy to find Cinderella again. They got married and lived happy ever after.
 Kata-kata yang di garis bawahi merupakan ciri dari bentuk simple past tense yang menggunakan kata kerja atau to be ke-2.

Contoh 2
Two butterflies and a Frog
        Once upon a time, there were two butterflies, Teri and Roni. They were friends. Teri and Roni had the same crown.
           One day, Kodi a frog, saw Teri and Roni quarrelling. “You took it!” said Roni. “No, I did not!” said Teri.
           “Hey, what’s the matter?” asked Kodi.
           “Teri stole my crown!” said Roni.
           “No, I didn’t,” said Teri.
           “Yesterday, I still had my crown when she came to visit me,” said Roni.
           “Today I cannot find the crown! Look! She is wearing it!” Roni shouted.
           “My mom gave me this crown,” Teri explainend.
           Kodi suggested they all go to Roni’s house.
           “Where did you put it?” said Kodi to Roni.
           “I put it on the table,” Roni answered.
           They didn’t find the crown.
           “Maybe it fell down.” Kodi looked under the table. Nothing was there.
           “It was my favourite crown!” Roni sobbed.
           “I didn’t steal yours, but if you like it so much, you can have mine,” Teri gave Roni the crown.
           “It’s here!” Kodi saw the crown behind the curtain.
           Roni stopped crying. “Thank God, Kodi found it!”
           “Sorry, Teri, I accused you. I’m a terrible friend!”
           “It’s okay,” said Teri. “Let’s say thanks to Kodi!”
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