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Ditulis dan Dipostingkan : Senin,25 Agustus 2013
Contoh Naskah Berpidato Bahasa Inggris ditulis oleh Damin, An English Teacher of SMPN 1 Kayen, Durasi 5-6 Menit). Naskah ini ditulis untuk Persiapan Maju Lomba berpidato Bahasa Inggris Tingkat Jawa Tengah beberapa tahun lalu untuk bimbingan siswa Andri Setyo Pranoto sebagai salah satu wakil Kab. Pati.

Honourable the commite.  Honourable ladies and the gentleman.
First off all, Let’s thank to God because... at  this morning.... we are able to gather here in a good situation and stay healthy.

Assalamualaikum wrwb.
Let me introduce myself. My name is......I am from.......................

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
At this chance, I would like to make speech about ‘The Addiction Of The Drug
And The Death Of The Future’

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
As a young generation, in our daily live, we  often face some problems that have to be solved. As students, we have some homeworks that have to be done. We might have not paid the school  tuition yet. We may get bad marks in the tests or examination.  There are some of us who run to the drug. They think that by consumming them, they can solve their problems.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
By running to the drug,for a moment, they may forget to their problems. But in reallity, they can not solve  their problems. In fact, a big problem arises that is they become addiction to the drug. Addiction to the drug is very dangerous to their life. They don’t think about their lives anymore. They don’t think about their God. They don’t think about their parents. They don’t think about their brothers. They don’t think about their sisters.  They don’t think about their friends. They don’t think about the other people. And they don’t think about their future. I say here that by addicting to the drug means the death of the future.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
As young generation, we want to be a succesful students. As teenagers, we want to live in a better way. As  youngsters, we want to live happily. In other words, we want a better future.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Relating to this case, I have some advices.
1. We should be patient in facing our probems we face.
2. We should ask help to our friends, our parents, our brothers, our sisters or our  teacher to solve our problems.
3. We should pray to our God to give the solution to our problems.

Okay, the audience. Thanks for your attention. Sorry for my mistakes and see you next and good bye.
Wassalamualaikum wrwb.

commite                                                          : panitia
are able to = can = could                                : dapat
gather                                                              : berkumpul
introduce                                                         : memperkenalkan
chance = opportunity = occasion                  : kesempatan
make speech                                                   : berpidato
addiction = abuse                                           : kecanduan
drug                                                                 : obat bius/ narkotika
death                                                               : kematian
face                                                                 : menghadapi, muka
problems = matter                                          : masalah
have to be solved                                            : harus diselesaikan
homeworks = assignment                               : pekerjaan rumah (PR)
have to be done = have to be carried out       : harus dilaksanakan
have not paid yet                                           : belum dibayar
school  tuition = school fee                            : ongkos/biaya sekolah
get = gain = obtain = require                          : mendapat, memperoleh
bad marks/ scores                                           : nilai jelek
examination                                                    : ujian
run to                                                              : berlari ke
for a moment = for a while                            : sementara
forget                                                              : lupa
solve                                                               : menyelesaikan
arises                                                               : muncul
become addiction                                           : menjadi kecanduan
very dangerous to                                           : sangat berbahaya pada
say here = tell here                                         : katakan disini
means                                                              : berarti
as                                                                     : sebagai
young generation = teenagers = youngster : pemuda/remaja
relating to this case                                        : berhubungan dengan masalah ini
advices.= suggestion                                      : saran, nasehat
should be patient                                            : seharusnya bersabar
face                                                                 : menghadap, muka
pray                                                                 : berdoa
aaudience = viewer = watcher                        : pemirsa, penonton

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