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Contoh Narrative atau Story
Once upon a time, there was a king who had three daughters. They were very kind and beautiful so he loved them very much.

One day, a king said  “ My daughters... . I’m old now . I love all of you but I wiil choose one of you to become the queen. My children...tomorrow..I will have a holiday. Please ..bring me a present that is the most necessary in human life.
The old king birthday arrived. Two oldest daughters brought him a very necessary and a very expensive present. Good....You are good daughters, said the king. The next turn was for the youngest daughter. She gave his father a present a little pile of salt. The king opened the container...then he became very angry....What..What is it?   How dare you...? You give a present to me just a pile of salt? But...But...But....
Guards ...come Lord...Throw this girl to outside this castle!  All right my Lord. The two guards took the girl...But before leaving she said...My father... I’m sorry...I’sorry...I’m really sorry...The king did’t care about it.
The princes was thrown away outside the palace. She was very sad.  She earned her living by herself. Outside the castle, she learned everything. She learned how to cook well. She became a good cheff.
One day, the king had a very big party.  The oldest princes was getting married. The king hired the some famous cheff included his thrown girl. The favourite king dish was served. The king took  a spoon and tasted it. “This has not been salted...’ he cried out angrily. Bring the cook to me! Why did you forget to salt my favourite disk, you careless gilr, snapped the kinmg at her?
The cook answered “ You have thrown your youngest daughter because she thought that the salt was so necessary. Perhaps you can see now that your child was not so wrong. When the king heard these words, he recognized the daughter....Oh..You..You are my daughter.....Please ..forgive me my daughter. 
Finally, the king lived hapiily with his children ever after.
Thats all my story, Thank you very much for your attention and see you later.
(Rewritten by Damin)

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