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Contoh Naskah Berpidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Honorable the juries......
Honorable the teachers.....
And my beloved friends.......
Assalamualaikum  Wrwb.
Good morning/ Good afternoon/Good Evening.
Thanks for the time that given to me.  Let me introduce myself. My name is .................. I’m from ...................
At this occasion,  I am going to make speech entitle “To Be Independence Nation

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect.
We start thinking deeply about our beloved country, Indonesia, before freedom. Before 1945, we were under the Dutch and Japan colonialism. During that time, Indonesian people lived in sorrow and bitterness. In their daily lives, they found difficulties in getting rice and corn to be eaten. It was not easy to gain fruits and vegetables.  The clothes could hardly be seen in the markets. Most of the people were hungry. A lot of people died because of hunger. The Dutch and Japan colonialism took rice and corn and sent them to their countries. The people did not allow following the high education.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
After August 17th, 1945, Sukarno and Hatta for the name of the Indonesian people proclaimed the independence of this nation. But as a matter of the fact, the Indonesian people still fought to the Dutch and Japan armies to defend this country. They struggled to defense the Indonesia freedom from the abroad enemies who wanted to come back again. At last, most of the nations all over the world confessed the Indonesian Independence.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Now the enemies of our country are not colonialisms. But our enemies are   : poorness, lack of education, lack of food, lack of shelter, lack of justice etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, whom we fully respect,
We don’t want to be arranged by other countries, do we? We don’t want to be governed by the foreigners. We don’t want to be pressed by the developed countries likes USA, Japan, and France, England, Germany and many others. As an independent nation, we want to walk, cooperate and work together with the others. But it doesn’t mean that Indonesia is relied on the foreigners. As a nation, Indonesia should become an independence nation. We have to arrange, develop, and build our nation by ourselves with our strength and power.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
Indonesia has a large number of human resources. It has for about 250.000.000 population. Indonesia is also rich of natural resources. There are a lot of mines, large forests, and wide fertile land, a large oceans, a lot of lakes, hills, mountains, rivers, caves, beaches and tourism object. If the Indonesian people cultivate the natural resources by themselves well, it will bring the welfare of this nation.

Ladies and gentlemen whom we fully respect,
How to become an independence nation?
I have some suggestions relating to this case.
# All Indonesian people should aware that living under colonialisms is very hard     and    very difficult so every citizen must study and work hard.

# The Indonesian Government should apply the cheap education not only for the elementary schools and junior high schools but also kindergartens, Senior High Schools and the Universities or Colleges. The nation should give the same chance for the poor students to continue their studies to the colleges or the universities.
The government should give grand or scholarship to the poor students.

            #  The government must carry out the law in fair. Whoever is false, he or she must be punished. On the other hand, if a person wins the competition, he or she must get a reward or a prize.

            # As a young generation, we have to study and work hard. We have to become religious youngsters. We must help our parents. We should help our neighbors and our friends who are not fortune. We must stay away from the drugs and cigarettes. And we must care to the poor. By doing so, we are hoped to build this country by our hands. We try to make for better nation for the future of Indonesia.
            I think that,s all. Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sorry for my mistakes and see you later.
Assalamualaikum wrwb.
(Written by P Damin)

to be : become                                                : menjadi
independence  : freedom                                : merdeka
country : state : nation                                   : negara
sorrow                                                             : penderitaan
bitterness                                                        : kepahitan
get : gain : obtain :acquaire                           : mendapat, memperoleh
found : discovered : invented                         : menemukan
people : person : mankind : human being      : orang, manusia
hard : difficult                                                            : sulit
died : passed away                                          : meninggal dunia
allow : permit                                                 : membolehkan
send-sent-sent                                                 : mengirimkan
education                                                        : pendidikan
fight – fought – fought                                   : berkelahi
defend                                                             : mempertahankan
struggle                                                           : berjuang
abroad : overseas : foreign : other country : luar negeri
as a matter of fact : in reality                         : pada kenyataanya
is relied on                                                      : bersandar pada
enemy                                                             : musuh
all over the world                                           : seluruh dunia
don’t want to be arranged                              : tidak ingin diatur
don’t want to be governed                              : tidak ingin diperintah
don’t want to be pressed                                : tidak ingin ditekan
developed country                                          : negara maju
arrange                                                                        : mengatur
develop                                                           : mengembangakan
build                                                                : membangun
confessed                                                        : mengakui
our strength                                                    : kekuatan kita
has : posseses : owns                                      : memiliki
about : approximatly : around                                    : kira – kira ,

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