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English Speech Text (Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris)

Written and Published : Friday, 6 September 2013. Time : 02.30. By Admin Web
(An English Teacher of Kayen 01 Junior High School( SMP Negeri 1 Kayen, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia).

Indah Bunga Anggraeni (Anggi)
As a matter of fact, English is one of the International Language. Because of this, most people in a certain part of the world with different languages can communicate to each others  if they are good in English. Good in English means they can listen, speak,read, and write well.

One way to be able to speak well, a student or a person should practice it well to. Here are simple  examples of  English Speech Text ( Naskah Pidato Bahasa Inggris) which can be used to improve speaking skill. The duration is about 4/5/6 minutes for each text. All of these examples were written by the writer by himself. They are free here. It means if you are interested for having them just take it. Just make a copy and  print it. You might make some changes. The writer hopes that these article are very useful for anybody who wants to improve English especially  his/her speaking.

Here are the titles of  English Speech Text that have been written:
1. Using Science and Technology for Better Life :  Click Here
2. Welcome to Pati : Click Here 
3. Dicipline is our Habit : Click Here
4. Improving the Quality of Life : Click Here
5. Cheap Education Must be Implemented in Indonesia School : Click Here
6. Preserving Our Culture Heritage : Click Here
7. The Important of Education : Click Here
8. English is the Key for Global World : Click Here
9. Unity in Deversity : Click Here
10. The Addiction of The Drug and The Death of The Future : Click Here
11. To Be An Atonomous Learning : Click Here
12. To Be An Independence Nation : Click Here

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