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Indonesia Archipelago

Written and Posted : 5 September 2013.
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Indonesia is located between two continents ; Asia Continent and Australia Continent. Indonesia is also located between two oceans; Pacific Ocean and Hinda Ocean. Indonesia has 13.334 islands. The five big islands are Sumatra Island, Java Island, Kalimantan Island, Sulawesi Island and Papua Island. The other islands such us Bali Island, Lombok Island, Madura Island etc.

Because of these location, Indonesia has two seasons: dry season and wet season. In the dry season, the sun is located on the north of equator. The wind blows from Australia Continent to Asia Continent. Because it passes the narrow sea, it only brings a little steam water. Because of this, it only rains in some parts of Indonesia. In this season, there is some drought in some places in Indonesia.

On the other hand, in the wet season, the wind blows from Asia Continent to Australia Continent. Because it passes large ocean, so it brings a lot of steam water. There is a lot of rains in most part of Indonesia. It sometimes brings flood.

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