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It is not a dream. It is real. We can improve our English trough Through this, we can make a group discussion in English. Although English is considered as a foreign language in Indonesian Country,we are able to make a group discussion for improving our English. We can help our students if they find some difficulties in learning English in on line way. 

Through this site, we can involve our students to talk about everything in English, especially for their English lesson in the classroom. Until this posting is written, there are 50 our students who have joined our group SMPN 1 Kayen in Edmodo Com. We have managed to discuss the lesson with them in English. We believe that by doing this, we can improve our English.

Through edmodo com, it enable us to share our ideas to our students and of course we can connect  to the teachers and students around the world for discussing material and teaching and learning process. We can give the adding materials to our students. We can motivate and give our students to do their best in learning English.

Through Edmodo Com, We directly communicate to our students individually and in groups. Among the members of group, they can communicate in English. We can give assignment and also quiz to our students. We also can give correction to their assignment.

All rights the readers, this is a liitle about our experience in using one of free service in the internet. Although we live in a village and in small town, Pati regency,Central Java, Indonesia, we keep trying to use Edmodo Com for improving our English Skills.

Edmodo Com is not only for the English teachers, it can also  be used for the other teachers who teach different lesson such as Mathematics teachers,History teachers,Biology teachers, Science teachers, Art teachers, language teachers.

At this opportunity, we would like to thank you a million to Edmodo Com.

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