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Going To Bali

Written by Greta Elma Anggita and posted by Admin Web
Friday, March 11th 2011, I and my friends went to Bali Island. Before went to there, I prepared everything what is to brought. Like tools for took a bath such as soap, shampoo, tooth brush. Some food, clothes, etc.

      I got up at 04.00 a.m. A few minutes later, I prayed Shubuh. Then I took a bath. At 06.00 a.m, I checked my things that would bring to Bali. After that, I had breakfast and ready to went to school. After all of members had gathered, the teacher presented. Then we enter to bus.
In the bus we met with the tour leader. Name Ari. He is a friendly person. He always give us solution of our problems. A few minutes later, we leaved. On the way I told with some friends. I sat with Galuh and Nining. After at Juana district, suddenly Nining had drunk. And that was very disturb. Then I and Galuh moved from our sat first.
At 11.30 a.m, we arrived in Lasem. We stoped in Lasem’s mosque for prayed. In there, I prayed Dhuhur and Ashar. After that, we continued trip. I and my friends enjoy listened music. We sang together. After that we stoped in Wahyu Utama restaurant in Tuban. Then we continued trip. In Porong, Sidoarjo, we were trapped in the traffict jam. Finally, dinner did in Depot restaurant in Surabaya. And we prayed Maghrib and Isya’. After that all finish, we continued trip.
At 02.00 p.m, we arrived in Ketapang harbour. We wait nearly an hour in there. We wait with played. At the ship was ready, we enter and crossed the sea. The trip, approximately an hour. In the ship, I was tired and sleepy. Finally, I aslept in there. A few minutes later, Indri also slept with me. We were got up at nearly arrived in Gilimanuk harbour in Bali. I climb part ship on. In there was colder. And finally we arrived in gilimanuk harbor.
After that, we found mosque nearest. And we prayed Shubuh together. Then, we continued trip. We aim to restaurant for had breakfast and took a bath. We arrived in there at 09.00 a.m. we did everything always together. After that, we went to Tanah Lot as the first object. I took any picture with my friends. I also took picture with foreign people. I was happy. But, we couldn’t long time in there because water on the sea would rise. And we continued to next object.
Before that, we met with the guide from Bali, name Wayan Mustika. We usually call Beli Yan. He told everything about Bali Island. Then we continued trip. On the way, I saw scenery in Bali. We aim to Tanjung Benoa. In there we had lunch. Then I and some my friends went to Turtle Island. We used boat to went there. In the middle sea, the boat stoped. And we saw scenery in under water. There some fish, and I gave it some food. Then we continued in Turtle Island.

In Turtle Island had any animals. Such as turtle, snake, bird, iguana, etc. in there I took some picture with some animals. I took picture with turtle and snake (phyton). I was happy. Because rain started for the sky, we had to back. The wind blous very tight. The water implied us. And finally we arrived safely. Altough like that, I was happy.
After that, we continued trip. we aim to GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana). Before that, we went to Puja Mandala for prayed Dhuhur and Ashar. Puja Mandala is religious service place from five religions, that was mosque, church, balinese temple and buddhist monastery. Then we continued trip to GWK. After arrived in GWK, I, my friends and my teachers took a picture together under Wisnu statue. Then, we went to theater’s room. We saw Barong dance, at that moment there is showing Kecak Api Dance. In that, also had Ramayana story. The Anoman’s action made me fallen in love. I was very happy. In the end event, I took picture with Anoman. Then we came back to bus and went to hotel. In there, I one bedroom with Icha, Galuh and Hillary. I directly went to bathroom for took a bath. After that, I had dinner and took a rest.
At thirth day, I got up at 05.30 a.m. I prayed shubuh and took a bath. After that, I had breakfast with my friends. Then we entered to bus for touring. The first object for that day is Putra Barong. In there, we could saw Barong dance. This Barong dance was funny. After saw Barong dance, we directly went to Cening Bagus. Cening Bagus was one of the souvenir center in Bali. I bought some souvenir in there. After that, we had lunch. We continued trip to KRISNA.
Krisna also one of the souvenir center in Bali. Krisna be a faundation like Joger. In there I also bought some souvenir. After that, we directly went to Kuta beach. At arrived in Kuta beach, I played water and sand. The plan, we could saw sanset. But because clowdy closed, we couldn’t saw sanset. And finally we came back went to hotel. In hotel, the office of Naura Tours hold event, that was intimacy evening. We sang together. We celebrate until 00.00 p.m. After that I went to bedroom for took a rest.
At fourth day, I started day at 06.00 a.m. I did usually I did everyday. I prayed and took a bath. Then I had breakfast. After that, we continued trip. we directly went to JOGER. I and Avil bought many souvenir in there. After tired, I and Avil back in bus wait friends. Then we went to Bedugul for had lunch. In Bedugul’s lake, the wind was cold. The scenery was beautiful. In there, we separated with Beli Yan. After that, we directly went to Gilimanuk harbour for went back to home. On the way, I saw scenery that very beautiful. The street also very nice.
In the afternoon, we had arrived in harbour and ready to crossed the sea. And we continued trip for went home. In the evening, we had arrived in Jawa Island. We stoped in restaurant for had dinner and prayed. After that, we continued trip. at 00.00 a.m, we got up from slept and gave a surprize for Mom Siti Sa’adah because she was birthday. Then we continued slept. At 07.00 a.m, we had arrived in Kayen, Pati safely. And I went home. Finally, I was very happy and also tired.

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