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Video and Text Malin Kundang Story

Written and posted by Admin Web. Video was taken by Pak Ary Heryoso.
This is the story entitle Malin Kundang. This is the story from West Sumatra. The moral value of the story is that as children, we should do our best and respect to our parents especially our mothers.

Please, watch this video.

This Text was rewritten and posted by Pak Damin
Assalamualaikum WrWb.
Good Morning/Good Afternoon, friends. Let me introduce myself.  My name is……..I am from SMP Negeri 1 Kayen. At this time, I am going to tell a story entitle “Malin Kundang”. Please listen to me carefully!

Once upon a time,  in Pantai Air Manis village, West  Sumatra, lived a widower named Mande Rukayah. She had a son named Malin Kundang.

One day, Malin Kundang said to her mother : “Mother, why it is so difficult for us to live in this village?  We are so poor. We live in sorrow and bitterness every day.  Her mother could not answer Malin’s questions. She just kept silence.

Another day, Malin asked permission to his mother. My mother, please give me a permission to go to the town.  Let me change my fate.  I want to become a rich man.  Malin …Why you don’ care to your mother.  I am very old now.Mother…please don’t worry. If I become rich man, I will go back to this village. I promise that  I will build a new house for you…  I will buy you a rice field and you can cultivate it well. I believe that my dream will come true.
At first, her mother did not give him permission. It was too hard for her to release him. But, she finally gave him permission. 

For years, Malin had worked hard. He was very smart and discipline man. His boss asked him to marry her daughter. Malin was very fortune because he could marry with a very beautiful and rich lady. They became a new rich family. Malin and her wife lived happily.

One day, his wife asked him to sail to Pantai Air Manis. His wife said : “ My husband, I want to see Pantai Air Manis Village. According to my friends, this village is so nice and has a very beautiful scenery.  The people are very friendly. Malin said,” All right, my honey, we will go there next week.”
The news travelled so fast  liked the wind blew. The people of Pantai Air Manis Village knew that Malin and her mother would come to their village and so was Mande Rukayah

The day  Malin and  his wife coming to the Pantai Air Manis Village had arrived ……. . Early in the morning,  a lot of  people went to the beach.  They gathered in the beach. They waited to Malin Kundang and his wife arrival. They wanted to see the successful trader Malin Kundang. His mother Mande Rukayah also went to the beach.  She said to herself ….My beloved son…..Malin Kundang…. I really missed you so much. I wanted to see you my son.

The sky was very clear. The weather was so fine. The sun shined brightly. The wind blew. All people were watching the big ship on the sea was sailing toward Pantai Air Manis Beach. 
Malin and his wife got out from the ship and walked toward the crowded people. There were many people shouted. Malin….Malin….Malin. Welcome home to your village. Congratulation.. Congratulation…Congratulation…Malin Kundang. Malin just kept silence. His wife was very surprised knew about this.

Suddenly, a very old lady came just in front Malin and his wife.  She said…Malin Kundang…My dearest son. I’m your mother….. Mande Rukayah. She was trying to grasp him but she could not because Malin stepped back.

“What…How dare you. I do not have mother like you. My mother has died many years ago.” Malin….please…Look at me.  Watch me….Stare me….I am Mande Rukayah….your mother.Many people said, “ That’s true. That’s right . That’s correct …Malin. She was your mother, She was your mother”. His wife was very confused. Then…Malin said,” If I say no….no forever. You are not my mother. How dare you…. a poor and very bad old lady!

After knowing this…Mande Rukayah was very sad. Her heart was broken. She was crying. She said, “My son…I  am your mother. I am your mother. I have taken care you. Malin said,” No…My mother has died. You are not my mother. “
Finally, Mande Rukayah was praying to Allah. Oh …my God. Please, punish him…punish him…punish him…. Ya…Allah.  Give him the lesson. 

God heard her praying. The sun dimmed. The black cloud gathered. The thunder started to hear. It rained heavily. The wind blew hard.  The big wave destroyed the Malin ship. …and cracked…..The ship was broken. Suddenly, Malin fell to the ground. He could not move his hands and his legs. My….hands….My legs….Oh …God. What’s the matter with these? Why I can not move my hands and my feet? In this condition…he asked to her mother. My mother….my mother….my mother….Please forgive me. Please forgive me my mother…..  Mande Rukayah. 
But…it was too late to say so. After a few minutes, she had become a stone.
All right, friends. That’s all my story.
The moral value that we can take from the story is we must respect to our parents especially our mother.

Thanks you very much for your attention and see you later. Assalamualaikum WrWb.

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